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Company Cash & Carry of Glass Beads and Jewellery

You can find an unbelievable assortment of original Jablonec glass beads in the bead store House of beads.


Examples of the entire production process for glass beads, information on the demands of production and a contribution to the preservation of traditional glass production in the region by means of a film screening. The option of arranging a lecture on the history of bead production for larger groups.


Thousands of shapes, colors, and sizes. Fire polished beads, machine cut beads, polished beads, pressed beads, wax beads, lamp beads, ceramic beads, seed beads, specialties, metal parts, chains, beading materials, books, magazines, classic jewelry, glass jewelry, metal jewelry, rhinestone jewerly. Anything you can imagine and even more! Presentations of glass beads, lectures, courses.

Assortment: glass costume jewellery, metal costume jewellery, costume jewellery made from other materials, glass stones, pressed beads and fire polished beads, lamp beads, seed beads, other beads (wood, plastic, natural materials), costume jewellery semi-products and components, glass buttons, glass Christmas decorations, glass promotional articles and souvenirs, glass and costume jewellery repair and restoration, glass and costume jewellery packaging.

Where to find us


House of Beads and Jewellery

Nádražní 731/6

466 01 Jablonec nad Nisou
Czech Republic


phone:  +420 483 305 230

mobil:    +420 776 607 434

e-mail: houseof@post.cz

                  [ map ]

Opening Hours

Mo - Fri        9.00  -  17.00
Saturday     9.00  -  13.00